Jewish Festivals: Kiddush: Who May Make
  • Jewish Man or Woman Making Kiddush
    Any adult Jew, male or female, may say kiddush for him/herself and, as long as he/she still needs to say kiddush for him/herself, may include any other Jews of any age or gender.
    Any Jewish male, 13 years old or older, may say kiddush for anyone else, either gender and any age, even if he has already fulfilled his personal requirement of saying kiddush.
    Any Jewish female, 12 years old or older, may say kiddush for any other females but not for men, except that on the 2 Passover seder nights, a Jewish female who is at least 12 years old may even say kiddush for men, if the men are not able to say it for themselves. (Women may also say kiddush for men on Shabbat evening).
    Reason Any person who is obligated to fulfill the mitzva of kiddush may say it for another personIt is questionable whether women are obligated to say (or have said for them) Jewish festival morning kiddush.