Jewish Festival Checklist
  • Preparing for Jewish Festivals
    Here are some suggestions (they are NOT halachot!) of what to prepare in advance of Jewish festivals. Add or delete to suit your needs!
    Candle Lighting
    • Check candle lighting time
    • Set the candles in their holders (and have matches nearby)
    Set the Table
    Set the table, including the challa and its cover
    Kitchen Preparation
    • Sharpen knives
    • Tear paper towels
    • Refrigerator: Turn off or unscrew lights; disconnect any LEDs or fans
    • Turn on blechstove, oven, etc., for whatever you will need
    • Set up hot water urn
    • Turn off stove, oven, if needed
    Food Preparation
    • Thaw frozen meat, fish, and other food that might take hours to defrost before being cooked
    • Cook whatever can be cooked ahead of time
    • Squeeze lemons; do any other boreir-type preparations
    • Chill wine
    • Open bottles and cans that will be needed on the Jewish festival
    • Make beds
    • Sweep or vacuum
    • Dump garbage
    • Do laundry
    • Empty pockets of muktza
    • For men, set out Jewish festival talit
    Check that nothing you will need is beneath a muktza item
    Personal Care
    • Cut hair and nails, if needed
    • For men, shave or trim beard and mustache, if needed
    • Tear dental floss
    • Tear toilet paper or put out tissues in bathrooms
    • Open any new boxes of tissues
    • Set heat or air conditioning
    • Turn on or off lights, or set timers for them
    • If desired, turn off or disconnect:
    • Alarms 
    • Cellphones and phones
    • Computers
    • Microwave detectors
    • Other electronics