Introduction to Jewish Festivals and Food Preparation

Food preparation forbidden on Jewish festivals includes these forbidden melachot:
  • Preparing soil for planting (choreish)
  • Causing plants to grow (zorei'a)
  • Harvesting (kotzeir)
  • Gathering (mi'ameir)
  • Threshing (dash; such as milking a cow into clean container or squeezing juice for drinking)
  • Winnowing (zoreh)
  • Selecting (boreir) (for exceptions, see Introduction to Jewish Festivals: Selecting/Boreir)
  • Grinding (tochein) (Grinding may be OK with a shinu'i; ask a rabbi for specific cases)
  • Sifting (merakeid).
However, you may do all food preparation necessary for baking or cooking food for that day--from kneading dough (kneading, or lash) to cooking and baking (ofeh) from an existing flame.
Note You may not use electric appliances to knead dough and you may not turn on an electric oven.
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