Sukka: Dimensions: Minimum/Maximum

  • A sukka must have at least three walls, but one of those walls may be as little as 1 tefach wide.
  • A round sukka must extend to at least 270 degrees.
  • Sukka height: More than 10 tefachim (40” or 1 m) high and less than 20 amot (33'4” or 10 m) tall.
  • Minimum sukka width: 7 tefachim x 7 tefachim (28” x 28” or 71.1 cm x 71.1 cm). 
  • Maximum wall-to-ground gap for sukka: walls must be within 3 tefachim, or 10 ½” (27 cm) of the ground.
  • Maximum permissible angle (slope) of a roof on a sukka is less than 45 degrees from horizontal.
  • Schach: Must cover the sukka so that there is more shade than sun when the sun is directly overhead and must have at least enough space between the schach elements for rain to penetrate.
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