Arm Tefila: How To Put On

  1. Place arm tefila box (bayit) on center of bicep of whichever arm you do not write with (knot on the arm tefila should touch the side of the box). If you are ambidextrous, put the tefila on your left arm.
  2. Say the first blessing, “lehaniach tefilin.
  3. Tighten the strap.
  4. Wrap the strap around your arm seven times between your cubit (inside of your arm, opposite the elbow) and your wrist.
    Note If you wrap more times, it is OK.
    Note You may wrap the tefilin strap over a wristwatch or put a watch on top of the tefilin strap.
    Note Tefilin straps should not overlap with each other and should not be wrapped on top of the ulna protuberance, but if they do--it is permitted.
  5. Wrap the excess around the palm of your hand (tuck in the end to keep it tight and out of the way).
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