How To Do Shabbat Evening Kiddush

To fulfill the two requirements for Shabbat evening kiddush:
  1. Say, or hear, the Shabbat evening kiddush blessings/segments:
    • Borei pri ha'gafen (on wine or grape juice only), OR
      Ha'motzi (on two challot if you have no wine or grape juice, as chamar medina is not permitted for Shabbat evening kiddush. See Challot for Evening Kiddush) AND
    • Mekadeish HaShabbat.
  2. Establish a halachic “meal” (kovei'a se'uda) by either:
    • Drinking 4 fl. oz. (119 ml) of wine (or grape juice) within 30 seconds, OR
    • Eating at least 1.9 fl. oz. (56 ml) of bread or mezonot of any type (within 4 minutes) shortly after saying or hearing kiddush.
Note For evening kiddush, the custom is to go straight to the meal without delay (with no mezonot or snacking first). B'di'avad if you snacked, it is still OK.
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