Shabbat: Riding with Non-Jewish Driver

You may ride in a vehicle with a non-Jewish driver on Shabbat only if:
  • He or she doesn't do anything especially for you (for instance, the non-Jew is driving somewhere anyway and offers you a ride for free), and
  • There is no possibility of mar'it ayin (appearing to do something not allowed, even though the act is technically allowed). 
  • You must not open a door (which will turn on a light) or do any other melacha while riding with a non-Jewish driver on Shabbat.
  • You may continue to ride on a bus or other public vehicle driven by a non-Jew even once the sun sets on Friday if you have already paid (or if it is free) and if the vehicle is not being driven just for you.
  • You may not continue to ride in a car or taxi that is being driven for you once the sun sets on Friday even if you have already paid for it or if it is free, unless it will be dangerous for you to get out of the vehicle and walk to a safe place.
  • You may not invite for a Shabbat meal Jews who may drive themselves to your home on Shabbat unless there is more than a 50% chance that they will arrive without driving on Shabbat.
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