Tzitzit: For What To Check

In checking tzitzit, determine:
  • Are any loops torn?
  • Are 8 strings visible on each corner?
If you cannot see 7 strings due to one or more having been torn off, consult a rabbi.

There is no problem if tzitzit are tangled. However, to untangle them:
  • Is a superior way to fulfill the mitzva, and 
  • Allows you to easily check them to see if there are 8 tzitziyot.
If any tzitziyot are so frizzy that the individual tzitziyot cannot be distinguished, they are invalid (pasul).
Note To prevent frizziness during laundering, wrap the tzitziyot tightly in a rubber band before drying them in a dryer, or hang them to dry.
  • If the hanging end of a tzitzit string breaks below the lowest knot, the string is kosher.
  • If more than one string breaks, or if one string breaks above the lowest knot, consult a rabbi since the tzitzit may not be kosher.
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