Fore-Blessings (Bracha Rishona): Which Level To Say

In general, say the highest-level fore-blessing (bracha rishona) on a food.
Note As some foods get processed by cooking or by other means, they qualify for a higher-level blessing.
  • Raw, rolled oats only merit the fore-blessing of she'hakol. But once the oats are cooked, the blessing of borei minei mezonot applies. 
    Note Raw oats could get the fore-blessing borei pri ha'adama, since they grow directly in the earth.  But because oats are not normally considered edible when raw, they get demoted to she'hakol
  • A raw grape or raisin gets the blessing of borei pri ha'eitz.  But once made into wine or grape juice, it merits borei pri ha'gafen.
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