One Fore-Blessing (Bracha Rishona) per Food Category

Your fore-blessing covers all other same-category foods that you will eat at the same time (same sitting), if:
  1. They are in front of you when you say the blessing, OR
  2. You intend your blessing to cover all other same-category foods that you own and will eat at the same sitting--even if they are not in front of you when you make the blessing.
    Note You do not need to state your intention out loud, just think it.  If you usually have this intention but you forgot on an occasion, you do not need to say new blessings on the subsequent foods of that type that you already own.
Examples in Your Home
  • You say she'hakol over two kinds of she'hakol foods on your table.  The blessing also covers a third she'hakol food in your refrigerator and a fourth in your pantry that you know you own.
  • You say she'hakol and are eating an omelette when a visitor brings you a gift of chocolates: you must say a new she'hakol]blessing before eating the chocolates.
    Note Anytime your spouse is serving you food, it is assumed that your initial fore-blessings will cover all food that you will eat.
Examples outside Your Home
  • Guest at Someone's Home
    Whenever you are a guest at someone else's house, it is assumed that whatever foods you will eat, will be covered by your initial fore-blessing as long as they are in the same category.
  • Attendee at Kiddush or Wedding
    If you say she'hakol over fish at a kiddush or wedding, the blessing covers all she'hakol foods in the room.
  • Diner in Restaurant
    If you have made an order in a restaurant, all ordered foods will be covered by your first fore-blessing(s). However, if you later order more food, even if the fore-blessings are the same, you must still say a new fore-blessing.
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