Fore-Blessings (Bracha Rishona): Food Mixtures: Main Ingredient

  1. Say the fore-blessing (bracha rishona) over the main or most important ingredient in a mixture of foods from various food-blessing categories.
  2. The blessing on the main food covers all other ingredients in the mixture.
Examples Fore-Blessing over Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
To eat turkey with cranberry sauce, saying the fore-blessing she'hakol on the more-important food (turkey) covers the less-important food (cranberry sauce). Even if you eat some of the sauce after the turkey is finished, you do not say a new blessing on the sauce.
Note If you eat cranberry sauce by itself and not with turkey, say:
  • Borei pri ha'eitz if it contains identifiable pieces of (or entire) cranberries.
  • She'hakol if the cranberry sauce has no identifiable pieces.
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