Yom Kippur: Delaying Start Past Candle Lighting

Lighting the candles starts the holiday of Yom Kippur.  If you want to start the holiday later, you must:
  • Make a condition when lighting candles that you are not yet starting the holiday (by saying “I am lighting Yom Kippur candles but not starting Yom Kippur until 7 minutes before sunset”-this may only be done in urgent situations) and
  • Omit the she'hecheyanu blessing at candle lighting.  Men say she'hecheyanu later (in kol nidre).
    Note Women then say she'hecheyanu at least 7 minutes before sunset! (One may not make a condition for she'hecheyanu!)
Note If a woman lit candles for Yom Kippur more than 7 minutes before sunset (as is normally done at 18 or even 40 minutes before sunset), but made a condition (tenai) that she would still eat or do melacha until somewhat later, she must still stop eating and doing melacha by no later than 7 minutes before sunset.
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