To Buy Fresh Kosher Fish in Non-Kosher Store

To buy fresh kosher fish in a non-kosher store:
  • If the fish is whole and has scales, it is kosher and you may buy it as it is.
  • If the fish has already been cut, skinned, and/or filleted and there are no non-kosher fish in the store, you may buy it as kosher.
  • If you want to have the fish cut, skinned, and/or filleted and there are non-kosher fish in the store, have the counter-person wash off the cutting board and knife with soap and water before preparing the fish and you may buy the fish as kosher.
  • If the fish has already been cut (and there are non-kosher fish in the store such that there might have been non-kosher fish oil on the knife or cutting board), just scrape off a tiny layer from the cut surface of the fish.
Note You may eat a skinned fish that you can positively identify from the flesh as kosher.
Example ALL salmon are kosher and may be eaten if they can be identified. 
Note You may not rely on the statement of a non-Jewish-owned store that the fish is kosher or is of a variety that you know to be kosher.
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