Asking a Halachic Authority about Dairy/Meat Errors

The halachic category of dairy and meat errors, while extremely complicated, has many conditions for which leniency may be applied. Here are the main points a halachic authority (posek) will need to know:
  • Was the food or utensil hotter than 120° F (49° C)?
  • Had the utensil been used for hot food (over 120° F) within 24 hours?
  • How much food was involved?
  • What was the relative volume or quantity of the food and utensils? (1/60th of relevant volumes?)
  • How much food is normally cooked in the utensils?
  • Of what materials are the utensils made?
  • Was the food spicy (hot peppers, garlic, onions, lemon...)?
  • Was the food needed for Shabbat meals?
  • How much does the food cost?
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