Baking COVERED/UNCOVERED Dairy and Meat Consecutively

Situation You cooked food of both genders:
  • In a clean oven,
  • In separate utensils,
  • UNCOVERED but consecutively (even within 24 hours).
    Note The first food must be removed before the second one is put into the oven.
  • If one or both are solid (non-liquid) at either the beginning OR end of the cooking OR both beginning and end:
They are both kosher; both food and pan.
  • If they were both liquid:
The second one is probably not kosher (both food and pan), but consult a rabbi.
  • If both are covered, they are both kosher.
  • If the first one to be cooked was covered, they are both kosher
  • If the first one was uncovered, they may both have become non-kosher--consult a rabbi.
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