Interrupting Your Amida To Say Amen

When saying the amida yourself, do not say amen or any other replies to the prayer leader's repetition. If he says kedusha or kaddish:
  • Pause in your own amida and listen without answering or saying anything.
  • Once the leader has finished kedusha or kaddish, resume your private amida.
Exception If you finish the final blessing of the amida (“...Ha'mevareich et amo yisrael ba'shalom”) as the leader starts to say the kedusha, and you want to respond along with the congregation:
  • Quickly say the line, “Yihiyu l'ratzon ....,”
  • Reply to the entire kedusha (kadosh, amen, and any other words that are said by the congregation) as if you had finished the amida.
  • Once the leader has said the final blessing of kedusha, say “elohai netzur….”

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