When To Say Morning Amida

Say the morning amida by the first third of the day (by the 4th hour), but you may still say it until halachic midday, b'di'avad, except if you delay intentionally.
You are running out of time to say the morning amida. You have said the shema without saying yishtabach or anything following yishtabach (except for the shema).

What To Do

Just say the amida.


You wake up too late to say the amida before halachic noon:
What To Do
  • Wait until a half-hour after halachic noon and then say mincha, and then
  • Repeat the mincha amida as tashlumin.
Note Men who intentionally delayed saying shacharit past the fourth halachic hour of the day may not say that amida at all and may not say the mincha amida as tashlumin.
See Minyan: Keeping Pace: Shacharit Minyan.
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