Amida: Location: Moving Away

You may not move from where you began saying the amida until you finish the amida.
You may not get on or off a bus in the middle of saying the amida.
Note It is better to say the abridged version of the amida (this appears in some siddurs) if you do not have time to say it without interruption (but you may say the abridged version only during the summer, since you must say mashiv ha'ruach and other additions during the winter).
Exceptions Walking To Avoid Being Disturbed
You may walk to another place, even in the middle of the amida, if you are disturbed or distracted where you are, such as to move away from:
  • An immodestly dressed woman or other visual distraction,
  • Bad smell,
  • Animal, or
  • Noise (such as people talking).
Walking To Correct a Mistake
You may walk across the room--even in the middle of the amida--in order to look in a book of halacha to see how to correct a mistake or omission you made while saying the amida.

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