What To Eat for Se'uda Shlishit

Ideally, fulfill the commandment of a third meal (se'uda shlishit) by:
  • Washing hands,
  • Saying the ha'motzi blessing over two challot, and
  • Eating at least the minimum amount (1.9 fl. oz., or 56 ml) of bread.  
You may, however, fulfill the requirements of se'uda shlishit by eating any solid food which gives nourishment—as long as you can say the after-blessing and have eaten at least 1.9 fl. oz. (56 ml) of that food.
Note If you ate some food after completing your Shabbat day meal (the second meal of Shabbat) and after halachic midday, you can consider that to be your se'uda shlishit, even if you did not intend it to be when you ate it.
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