How To Wash Hands Using the Three-Times Method

To wash hands the Three-Times Method:
  • Fill the washing cup with at least 3.3 fl. oz. (99 ml) of water for the first pair of pours.
  • Pour enough water (may be as little as 1.3 fl. oz.--39 ml, or 1/6 cup) from the washing cup to completely cover your entire first hand (either hand may be first, but it is proper to wash your right hand first).
  • Pour enough water to completely cover the second hand.
  • Repeat the pouring twice more, alternating hands, until each hand has been completely covered a total of three times.
Note There is no minimum required volume for the subsequent pours, and you may refill the cup in order to have enough water to cover each hand for all three pairs of pours.
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