Lakes or Ponds as Mikva

A lake or pond may be a kosher mikva if it is:
  • Fed from ground water (percolates through the soil); or
  • Primarily fed from a spring; or
  • Primarily fed from rain.
Note The rain must run into the lake or pond directly. If the water enters, or drains out, via pipes, it is not a kosher mikvaHowever, if the lake or pond gets rain from run-off from streets through pipes, it might be a kosher mikva. Consult a rabbi
Note A lake or pond that drains out through a river or stream may not be a kosher mikva. Consult a rabbi.
Note A lake or pond into which a river or stream empties, might be a kosher mikva. Consult a rabbi.
Note A lake or pond with a river running into it and then out of it is considered a river. For immersing in a river, see Rivers as Kosher Mikva.
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