SheHecheyanu for New Fruit You Might Not Like

You have a fruit on which you would like to say she'hecheyanu, but you might not like it.
To avoid saying a pointless blessing (bracha l'vatala), you may:
  • Say the blessing borei pri ha'eitz on a different fruit.
  • Eat from the fruit you just blessed over.
  • Taste the new fruit. If you like it—and before you have eaten all of the new fruit—
  • Swallow the small piece you tasted (if you do not like it, you do not need to swallow it).
  • Say she'hecheyanu.
  • Finish eating the new fruit.

NoteWhen saying she'hecheyanu on a new fruit, there is no preference for on which fruit to say borei pri ha'eitz--you may say it on the new fruit or on any other fruit.

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