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Bracha l'vatala (brah-chah leh-vah-tah-lah) — lit., Blessing made in vain
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Shabbat: Candles: Where To Light
Shabbat: Candles: Lighting at Dinner Location
Light Shabbat candles wherever you will eat dinner. Note If...
Fore-Blessing (Bracha Rishona) in Vain (Bracha L'Vatala)
Making a Conditional Fore-Blessing (Bracha Rishona)
To avoid making a blessing in vain ( bracha l’vatala ), you may...
Jewish Festivals: Candles: Where To Light
Jewish Festivals: Candles: Dinner Location
As on Shabbat , light Jewish festival candles wherever you will eat...
Minyan: Amen: When 10 Men Includes Prayer Leader
Prayer Leader of 10 Men Should Wait
A prayer service leader for a group of only 10 men including himself...
Shabbat: Kiddush: How Much To Drink
Drinking Cheekful for Shabbat Kiddush
As on Jewish festivals , the minimum total volume of Shabbat...

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