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Cheshvan — 8th Hebrew month
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What To Pray: Set Prayers: Amida: Ambiguities
Tein Bracha If in Eretz Yisrael Cheshvan 7/Dec. 4
If you are in Eretz Yisrael between Cheshvan 7 (when people in...
Shacharit: Tachanun: When Not To Say
Tachanun is related to judgment. Tachanun is NOT said at times of...
Nida/Taharat HaMishpacha
Four Most Common Nida Questions
  What Makes a Woman a Nida  ...
Rosh Chodesh: Ul'Chaparat Pasha
Shabbat-Rosh Chodesh: Adding Ul'Chaparat Pasha
SITUATION It is Rosh Chodesh in a Jewish leap year. WHAT TO DO...

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