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Devarim (dih-vah-reem) — Fifth book of Jewish Bible
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Introduction to Shabbat
Goal of Creation
Shabbat was the goal of Creation. Just as God completed the...
Birkat HaMazon: Source
Birkat HaMazon: Torah Source
The source of birkat ha’mazon is Deuteronomy/ Devarim...
Remembering Amaleik
All Jews, both men and women, must fulfill the commandment to remember...
What Is Kosher?
What Is Kosher?
By Sara-Malka (Diane) Laderman Kosher (Hebrew for...
Introduction to Mezuza
Introduction to Mezuza
A mezuza (pl., mezuzot ) is a small, sofer -inscribed parchment...
Borei Pri Ha’Eitz: Five Special Fruits
Borei Pri Ha'Eitz: Five Special Fruits: Order and Preference
To eat more than one type of the Five Special Fruits : If...

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