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Ein bishul achar bishul b'davar yaveish (ayn bee-shool ah-chahr bee-shool bih-dah-vahr yah-vehsh) — lit., There is no cooking after cooking for something dry; you may heat up a dry cooked food on Shabbat without incurring the prohibition of cooking since the dry cooked food is already halachically "cooked"
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Non-Jewish Cooks (Bishul Akum)
Bishul Akum: Prestigious Cooked Foods
Do not eat bishul akum (foods cooked by non-Jews under these...
Introduction to Shabbat: Cooking
Introduction to Shabbat: Cooking
Bishul B'Shabbat/Cooking on Shabbat The Torah forbids...
Jewish Festivals: Asking Non-Jew To Turn on a Stove or Oven
Jewish Festivals: Asking Non-Jew To Turn on a Stove or Oven
You may directly ask a non-Jew to turn on a stove or oven for you....
Kashrut: Dairy/Meat: Microwave Ovens
Kashrut: Dairy/Meat: Microwave Ovens
As with conventional ovens, these factors determine kosher /non- kosher...
Shabbat: Mixing Hot and Raw Foods
Shabbat: Hot Soup and Cheese
You may not put cheese in hot (120° F--49° C—or more)...
Peace in the Home (Shalom Bayit)
Shalom Bayit: Non-Observant Parents and In-Laws
Ba'alei teshuva often have problems with issues of kashrut...
Spicy/Charif Soaking: Long Enough To Be Cooked
Spicy/Charif Soaking: Long Enough To Be Cooked: Food and Utensil
Food soaked in brine, vinegar, or any spicy liquid for long enough to be...
Kashrut: Food Sold by Stores or Caterers
When Hechsher NOT Needed
Processed Food without Hechsher: Is It Kosher?   If a...
Nida/Taharat HaMishpacha
Four Most Common Nida Questions
  What Makes a Woman a Nida  ...
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Categories of Batel /Nullification Categories of nullification of...
Introduction: Shabbat: Muktza
Muktza by Hand
Muktza (“set aside” in one’s mind) is an item that...
Fruit Trees: Blessing over Blossoms
When To Say Blessing over New Fruit Blossoms
The first time each year that you see blossoms on an edible-fruit tree,...

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