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Gil chinuch (geel chee-nooch) — lit., Age of education; age at which a child can understand the meaning of doing certain commandments and not just the actions required to perform those commandments
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Jewish Education: Gil Chinuch
What Is Gil Chinuch
Age of Jewish education ( gil chinuch ) is when a child is old enough...
Jewish Education: Gil Chinuch
When Is Gil Chinuch
The age of Jewish education ( gil chinuch ) is more or less 6 years...
Jewish Education: Gil Chinuch
Who Determines Gil Chinuch
Whoever is teaching is permitted to judge what the child might...
Chanuka: Candles: Who Should Light
Chanuka: Candles: Light for Yourself
Light Chanuka candles for yourself, even if there are no other people...
Attire: Girls: Tzni'ut
Attire: Girls: Age for Modest Dress
Girls should dress modestly from the age of gil chinuch , when they...
Jewish Festivals: Children and Melacha
Jewish Festivals: Children and Melacha
As on Shabbat , you may not have a child, even younger than gil...
Kashrut: Dairy/Meat: Waiting between Eating
Kashrut: Dairy/Meat: Waiting between Eating: Children
Children of any age, even babies, should wait one hour between eating...
Shabbat: Children and Melacha
Children: Melacha
You may not have any child, even if younger than gil chinuch , do...

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