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Ha'gomel (hah-goh-mehl) — Blessing thanking G-d for saving one from danger
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HaGomel: For Which Events
After What To Say HaGomel
Say ha’gomel after: Crossing the ocean (far enough...
HaGomel: When To Say
Say HaGomel When You Can Walk Normally
You may say ha’gomel after recovering from a serious illness...
HaGomel: When To Say
Saying HaGomel within 30 Days
Say ha’gomel within three days of the event;...
HaGomel: For Whom To Say
For Whom To Say HaGomel
Don’t say ha’gomel for anyone other than yourself (not...
HaGomel: Women
Women and HaGomel
Women customarily do not say ha’gomel . A woman does not say...
Women: HaGomel
Women: HaGomel
For women and ha’gomel blessing, see Women and HaGomel .
Women: Minimum to Pray
Women: Minimum to Pray
The minimum amount of prayer that women and girls 12 years old and up...

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