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Ha'motzi (hah-moh-tzee) — Blessing before eating bread (eating the minimum quantity of bread determines a "meal" by Jewish law)
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Fore-Blessings (Bracha Rishona): Priorities
Fore-Blessings (Bracha Rishona): Priorities
You must say the blessing which was designed to be said on each type of...
Fore-Blessing: Bread-Like Foods
Fore-Blessing: Bread or Mezonot
To be halachically considered “bread,” the item must have...
Fore-Blessing: Bread-Like Foods
Fore-Blessing: Sprouted Wheat Bread
For the fore-blessing on sprouted wheat bread, say:...
HaMotzi: Which Foods HaMotzi Covers
Which Foods HaMotzi Covers
Ha’motzi always covers all food eaten as part of a meal, except...
Borei Minei Mezonot: Intended as Meal or Snack
Fore-Blessing: Bread-Like Crackers
Fore-blessing for Ryvita and other bread-like crackers :...
Shabbat: Dinner: How To Do Kiddush
How To Do Shabbat Evening Kiddush
To fulfill the two requirements for Shabbat evening kiddush :...

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