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Hagada, pl. hagadot (hah-gah-dah,hah-gah-doht) — lit., Telling; book used to guide participants through the Passover seder
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Seder: Principles
Seder: Purpose
It is praiseworthy to tell the story of Passover even if you know all...
Magid: Tell the Story
Four Sons
Only three of the Four Sons’ questions are mentioned in the Torah...
Hidur Mitzva/Mehadrin
Hidur Mitzva/Mehadrin
Almost all mitzvot may be enhanced by: Making them...
Magid: Tell the Story
In Every Generation
The hagada tells us that in every generation, a person must see...
Kadeish: Four Cups, Four Roles
Four Cups, Four Roles
Each of the four cups has a different role: First Cup:...
Women: Singing
Women: Singing with Men or When Men Present
Rabbi Heinemann’s view is that women should not sing zmirot ,...

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