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Hallel (hah-lehl) — lit., Praise; Set of psalms of praise for God that is normally read the morning of Jewish festivals, Chanuka, and Rosh Chodesh; 14th step of Passover seder when most of Hallel is said
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Lulav: Hold, Bless, Shake
Lulav: Hallel at Home or in Synagogue
Ideally, take your lulav and etrog to synagogue and say hallel...
Lulav: Hold, Bless, Shake
Lulav: How To Wave During Hallel
Wave the lulav in all six directions each time when saying Hodu...
Chanuka: Hallel
Chanuka: Hallel on Rosh Chodesh
When Chanuka coincides with Rosh Chodesh , say full hallel (as is...
Hodu in Hallel
In hallel , the congregation repeats the line “ Hodu...
Order of Prayers with Hallel
To say hallel on Shabbat and Jewish festivals : You do...
Saying Hallel with a Minyan
When saying half- and full Hallel : It is preferable to say...
Timing of Hallel and Musaf
You may say hallel and musaf until sunset.
Hallel: Saying Hallel Psalms
Hallel at Night at Passover Seder
There are many opinions as to why we read hallel at night:...
Hallel: Saying Hallel Psalms
Hallel Divided at Seder
At the seder , hallel is divided into two parts. The first...
Passover Night(s): Ma'ariv
Hallel after Ma'ariv
People who have the custom of saying hallel after ma’ariv on...
Passover: Chol HaMoed and Ending Day(s): Hallel
Shortened Hallel on Seventh Day of Passover
We omit parts of two of hallel’s psalms on chol ha'moed...
Tefilin: Chol HaMoed
Tefilin: Chol HaMoed: Remove before Hallel
Remove tefilin before hallel on chol ha’moed....
Seder: Steps
The 15 Steps in the Seder
Kadeish U'rchatz Karpas Yachatz Magid...
Wasting People's Time (Tircha Tzibur)
Wasting People's Time (Tircha d'tzibura)
You may not waste people’s time or upset them ( tircha...
Blessings: Saying for Someone Else
Blessings: For Someone Else: Mitzva/Birchot Mitzva
You may say any blessing on a mitzva —such as kiddush, hallel,...
SIDDUR GUIDE: How To Pray in Synagogue
Introduction to How To Pray in Synagogue
The synagogue ( shul ) prayer service may confuse the unfamiliar....
Kadeish: Four Cups, Four Roles
Four Cups, Four Roles
Each of the four cups has a different role: First Cup:...
Women: Singing
Women: Singing with Men or When Men Present
Rabbi Heinemann’s view is that women should not sing zmirot ,...
Minyan: Amen: When To Say
Don't Answer Amen within 2.5 Seconds
Don’t answer amen if you finish a prayer or blessing within 2.5...

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