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Hashem (hah-shehm) — lit., The Name; generic word designating God. Each of God's many Hebrew names has a different application, meaning, and use
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Weakening Halachic Observance or Respect for Torah
Lowering People's Respect for the Torah (Chilul Hashem)
You may not do any action that causes other people to lessen their...
Introduction to Using God’s Name in Vain
Introduction to Using God's Name in Vain
You may use God's correct names and not the defective version...
Shema: Mental Preparation
Shema: Mental Preparation
When saying the shema , focus on the idea that God is:...
Clerical Errors
Clerical Errors and Non-Jewish Business
If a non-Jewish business makes a mistake in your favor, it is considered...
Tzitzit: What To Wear
Tzitzit: Knots and Wraps
Tzitzit strings have five knots separating four wraps of strings....
Magid: Tell the Story
In Every Generation
The hagada tells us that in every generation, a person must see...
Returning Lost Objects (Hashavat Aveida)
Returning Lost Objects (Hashavat Aveida)
You are required to return a lost object ( hashavat aveida ) to its...
Birkat HaMazon: Source
Birkat HaMazon: Torah Source
The source of birkat ha’mazon is Deuteronomy/ Devarim...
Amida: Actions: Stepping
Amida Actions: Steps Before and After
Stepping To Begin the  Amida After...
What To Teach Girls
What To Teach Girls
Girls should be taught all halachot relevant to girls and women,...

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