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Hefkeir (hehf-kayr) — lit., Abandoned; ownerless
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Teruma/Ma’aser: Ownership
Teruma/Ma'aser: Ownership: Separating Hefkeir Produce
“Ownerless” (hefkeir) fruit does not require having...
Teruma/Ma’aser: Ownership
Teruma/Ma'aser: Ownership: What Is Hefkeir Produce
Halachically ownerless ( hefkeir) fruit is fruit that will not be...
Passover: Acquiring Chametz during Passover
Passover: Getting Rid of Chametz: Acquiring Chametz during Passover
If you inadvertantly buy chametz on Passover, you must burn it. If...
Declaration of Ownerlessness for Shilu'ach HaKein
For shilu’ach ha’kein , the bird, eggs, and nest must be...
What Is Kosher?
What Is Kosher?
By Sara-Malka (Diane) Laderman Kosher (Hebrew for...

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