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Heter (heh-tayr) — lit., Leniency, allowance; a permission that allows a more lenient practice than would be required by a strict application of the relevant law
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Loans: Charging Interest (Ribit)
General Law on Heter Iska
A Jew is not permitted to charge interest ( ribit ) for a loan made to...
Loans: Charging Interest (Ribit)
Heter Iska in Normal Language
If you use a heter iska for a loan, the document should be in...
Burial: Eretz Yisrael
Burial: Eretz Yisrael If Did Not Live There
You should not be buried in Eretz Yisrael if you could have lived in...
Kashrut: Food Sold by Stores or Caterers
When Hechsher NOT Needed
Processed Food without Hechsher: Is It Kosher?   If a...

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