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Ketuba (kih-too-bah) — lit., Written document; marriage document
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Wedding: Ketuba
Ketuba Process
The  ketuba  is written before the wedding but is not...
Wedding: Ketuba
Meaning of the Ketuba
The ketuba at a wedding is required and the husband obligates himself...
Wedding: Ketuba
Safekeeping a Ketuba
A woman must keep her ketuba under her control, but it does not need...
Wedding: Ketuba
Who May Write the Ketuba
The ketuba may be written by anyone, whether male or female, Jew or...
Wedding Customs (These are NOT halachot!)
Wedding Customs: Reading of the Ketuba
After the blessings on the wine have been said and the wine has been...
Receiving the Ketuba
At a Jewish divorce, the ketuba is given back to the man or destroyed...
Introduction to Weddings and Marriage
Introduction to Weddings and Marriage
The purpose of the  rabbi  at a wedding is to ensure...
Wedding: Witnesses
Jewish Wedding: Witnesses: Four Pairs
A Jewish wedding requires four pairs of witnesses, but the same...
Wedding: Ketuba
Financial Responsibility of Husband
The husband, not the wife, has the responsibility of financially...
Wedding Customs (These are NOT halachot!)
Wedding Customs: Prenuptial Agreement
A prenuptial agreement is permitted but it must state that the ketuba...

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