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Kitniyot (keet-nee-yoht) — lit., Legumes; beans and other foods rabbinically forbidden on Passover for Ashkenazi Jews
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Passover: Cooking and Eating Utensils
Passover: Kitniyot in Passover Utensil
Situation  Kitniyot  were cooked in a  Passover...
Passover: Acquiring Chametz during Passover
Passover: Getting Rid of Chametz: Acquiring Chametz during Passover
If you inadvertantly buy chametz on Passover, you must burn it. If...
Customs (Minhag): Adopting
Changing Your Customs (Minhag) in New Community
When moving to a community with customs different from your own, adopt...
Passover: Food Items
Cumin is not used on Passover due to its similarity to kitniyot....
Passover: Soap/Toiletries
Laundry Starch
You may use non- chametz starch on clothing during Passover but not...
Passover Eve: When To Stop Eating/Owning Chametz/Kitniyot
When To Stop Eating/Possessing Chametz
After the fourth halachic hour on the eve of Passover:...
Introduction to Passover
Introduction to Passover
Introduction to Passover:...

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