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Kittel (kih-tihl) — plain white robe worn by adult males in marriages and burials, by married men on Yom Kippur, and by some men at the Passover seder
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Yom Kippur: What To Wear
Yom Kippur: What To Wear: Kittel for Men
All married men should wear a kittel on Yom Kippur during all...
Wedding: Under the Canopy (Chuppa)
Bridegroom's Kittel
A bridegroom is not required to wear a kittel under the chuppa ,...
Pre-Prayer: Attire
Praying in a Kittel on Rosh Hashana
For those who have the custom of wearing a kittel on Rosh Hashana ,...
Wedding Customs (These are NOT halachot!)
Wedding Customs: What the Bride Buys
The bride buys for the groom: Talit and kittel ,...
Shrouds, Hat, Robe
The body—whether male or female--is wrapped in shrouds: shirt,...

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