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Kri'a (kree-ah) — lit., Tearing; ripping clothing as a sign of mourning, usually done at funeral of close relative or when seeing the place of the Temple in Jerusalem for the first time in 30 days
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TEMPLE (Zeicher L'Churban)
Tearing (Kri'a) on Seeing Temple Ruins
You must tear four vertical inches at the neck of your shirt (and...
Kri'a: Who Tears
Women and Kri'a
Women do kri’a . To avoid exposing her body when tearing, a woman...
Kri'a: How Often To Tear
Kri'a: How Often for a Parent
When mourning for a parent, you must tear kri’a throughout the...
Women: Kri'a
Women: Kri'a
For women and kri’a , see Women and Kri’a .
Kri'a: Who Tears
Children and Kri'a
When a parent has died, the children must tear “ kr’ia...
Kri'a: How To Tear
How To Tear Kri'a
If you are in mourning for a parent, whether you are a man or woman,...
Kri'a: How Often To Tear
Kri'a: How Often for Non-Parents
When mourning for any of the five categories of people other than...
Kri'a: On What To Tear
What To Tear for Kri'a
When tearing kri’a , do not tear underwear, a coat or sweater...
Kri'a: When To Tear
Tear at News or Funeral Home
Do the tearing/ kri’a when you hear the news of a death. If not,...

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