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Matza shmura (maht-zah shmoo-rah) — lit., Guarded matza; matza (handmade or machine made) from grain supervised from harvest time to ensure it has no contact with water and therefore no danger of containing chametz
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Matza: What Kind
Hand Shmura Matza or Machine Shmura Matza
Hand shmura matza has some advantage in that it was made with the...
Matza: What Kind
When Shmura Matza Is Necessary
The only time you must use shmura matza is for the four commandments...
Matza: How Much
How Much Matza To Eat
Motzi, Matza For motzi and matza together, you must eat at...
Motzi/Matza: Blessings
How To Do Motzi and Matza
The seder leader says the blessing “ ha’motzi ”...

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