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Melacha d'oraita (mih-lah-chah d'oh-ry-tah) — lit., Melacha of the Torah; any of the 39 creative activities that are forbidden by the Torah (without rabbinic additions) on Shabbat and Jewish festivals, performed the same way and for the same purpose as for building or servicing the Tabernacle in the wilderness
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Jewish Festivals: Non-Jews (Shabbat Goy)
Jewish Festivals: Asking a Non-Jew To Do Melacha D'Oraita
Although you may not normally tell a non-Jew to do melacha...
Shabbat: Non-Jews (Shabbat Goy)
Asking Non-Jew To Do Melacha D'Oraita
You may not ask a non-Jew to turn ON a light or turn ON heat, or...
Shabbat: IDL and Region of Safek/Doubt
Introduction to Shabbat, IDL, and Region of Safek/Doubt
The International Dateline (IDL), which is 180 degrees away from...

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