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Bareich (bah-raych) — lit., Bless; 13th step of Passover seder
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Amida Errors: Tein Bracha/Tein Tal U'Matar L'vracha
Amida Errors: Tein Bracha/Tein Tal U'Matar L'Vracha
Outside of Eretz Yisrael , begin saying Tein tal u'matar...
Seder: Steps
The 15 Steps in the Seder
Kadeish U'rchatz Karpas Yachatz Magid...
What To Pray: Set Prayers: Amida: Ambiguities
Tein Bracha If in Eretz Yisrael Cheshvan 7/Dec. 4
If you are in Eretz Yisrael between Cheshvan 7 (when people in...
What To Pray: Personal Requests: Amida
Where To Add Personal Requests in Amida
You may add personal requests to the amida on weekdays (not Shabbat...

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