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Adonai (ah-doh-nai) — lit., My master; name for God
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Psalm 27/L'David Adonai Ori V'Yish'i
When To Say Psalm 27/L'David Adonai Ori V'Yish'i
Begin saying L'David Adonai ori v'yish'i (Psalm 27) on the...
Amida: Reader's Repetition: Beginning
Adonai Sifatai by Prayer Leader
The prayer leader should say Adonai sifatai … quietly before...
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Here is a typical order of waking/morning prayers for weekdays (many...
What To Pray: Set Prayers: Amida: Volume
Amida Phrases That Are Never Said Aloud
These phrases are never said aloud, not in the personal amida and not...
Tum'a: Cemetery
Cemetery Blessings
Once inside a cemetery, after not having been in one for at least...
Lulav: Hold, Bless, Shake
Lulav: How To Wave During Hallel
Wave the lulav in all six directions each time when saying Hodu...
When To Pray: Shacharit: L'Olam Yihei Adam
When To Say Mekadeish et Shimcha BaRabim
You may only include God’s name in Baruch ata Adonai ,...
Introduction to Blessings (Brachot)
Introduction to Blessings/Brachot
Blessings as Thanks We say blessings as thanks to God for the...
SIDDUR GUIDE: How To Pray in Synagogue
Introduction to How To Pray in Synagogue
The synagogue ( shul ) prayer service may confuse the unfamiliar....
Jewish Festivals: Daytime Kiddush
Jewish Festivals: Daytime Kiddush
To fulfill the two requirements for Jewish festival daytime kiddush...
Finishing Amida before Kedusha
Finishing Amida before Leader Says Kedusha
If you arrive late for any minyan (except ma'ariv ) that is about...
Set Prayers: Ma'ariv
When To Respond to Bar'chu
Wait until the leader has finished saying the line, “...
Set Prayers: Ma'ariv
When To Say Ma'ariv Psalm 27
Say Psalm 27 after alenu during Elul and most of Tishrei ....
When To Say Kabbalat Shabbat
Kabbalat Shabbat and Jewish Festivals
Kabbalat Shabbat is mostly omitted when Shabbat falls on:...

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