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Bat mitzva (baht meetz-vah) — lit., Daughter of commandment; girl who has turned 12 years old and is now obligated to observe Jewish commandments
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Using God's Name in Vain: Speaking
Blessings and Using God's Name in Vain
You may not use God’s name unless there is a positive purpose....
Chanuka: Candles: Who Should Light
Chanuka: Candles: Who May Light
Anyone in the household who has reached bar or bat mitzva age can...
Chanuka: Synagogue Menora
Chanuka: Synagogue Menora: SheHecheyanu in Synagogue
If you light the Chanuka menora in the synagogue on the first...
Jewish Festivals: Electricity
Jewish Festivals: Turning Off Electrical Devices
You may not turn off or disconnect an operating electrical device...
Shabbat: Electricity/Electrical Devices
Shabbat: Electricity/Electrical Devices: Turning Off
You may not turn off or disconnect an operating electrical device (such...
Child's Dressing
A child under bar mitzva or bat mitzva age also gets dressed the...
Introduction to Jewish Festivals: Meals
Introduction to Jewish Festival "Eating a Meal" Requirements
We are required to eat two meals on Jewish festivals , each preceded...
Kadeish: Making Kiddush
Everyone Must Drink at Seder
At the Passover seder , all Jews above the age of bar mitzva or...
From Funeral Home to Cemetery
Offspring at Funeral
Attending a funeral is a mitzva-- that of honoring the dead...

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