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Afikoman (ah-fee-koh-mahn) — lit., Dessert; piece of matza that represents the Passover lamb offering, eaten to conclude the seder
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Tzafun: Hidden (Afikoman)
Eating or Drinking after Afikoman
After eating the afikoman on Passover , you may not eat again until...
Tzafun: Hidden (Afikoman)
When To Finish Afikoman
You should ideally finish afikoman by midnight at the Passover...
Bareich: Say Birkat HaMazon
Forgetting Afikoman
If you said birkat ha’mazon at the seder but had forgotten...
Seder: Three Matzas
Introduction to Three Matzas (Matzot)
The seder table also has a stack of three matzas ( matzot ),...
Seder: Practices: Halachot
Leaning to the Left
Every male (13 years old and above) at the seder is required by...
Matza: What Kind
When Shmura Matza Is Necessary
The only time you must use shmura matza is for the four commandments...
Matza: How Much
How Much Matza To Eat
Motzi, Matza For motzi and matza together, you must eat at...
K’Zayit K’zayit is variously defined as being the...

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