After-Blessings If Snack, then New Meal

If you said a fore-blessing and ate a snack, but then decided to eat bread and a full meal:
  • If your meal will not contain any foods that have the same after-blessing as your snack--
    • Say the snack's after-blessing, and then
    • Wash your hands and say ha'motzi.
  • If your meal will contain foods with the same fore-blessing as your snack (even the same food as your snack)—
    • Do not say the snack's after-blessing.
    • Wash your hands and say ha'motzi.
Note Wash and say ha'motzi if you will be eating any amount of bread--even less than 1.3 fl. oz. (39 ml, or 1/6 cup) within four minutes and even if it will take you more than four minutes to eat it (in which case, although you say ha'motzi, you do not say any after-blessing, including birkat ha'mazon).
Note Say al netilat yadayim only if you intend to eat at least 1.9 fl. oz. (59 ml) within four minutes.
Exception If you have eaten mezonot (and even if you will not eat any more mezonot with your meal), do not say al ha'michya. Just wash your hands, say ha'motzi, and eat your meal.
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