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Ashkenazi (ahsh-kih-nah-zee) — lit., Of Ashkenaz (Germany); pertaining to Jewish communities originating in northern Europe or to their customs
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How To Pray: Language/Pronunciation/Nusach
Ashkenazi Jew, Sefardi Pronunciation
An Ashkenazi Jew should ideally not pray using Sefardi...
Chanuka: Candles: How Many To Light
Chanuka: Candles: One per House
The basic commandment is for one Chanuka candle to be lit per house...
Customs (Minhag): Adopting
Changing Your Customs (Minhag) in New Community
When moving to a community with customs different from your own, adopt...
Kashrut: Meat: Non-Glatt
Non-Glatt Meat for Sefardi Guest
Non- glatt meat at an Ashkenazi house doesn’t necessarily...

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